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Industrial Hardwares

Instant repositioning for workshop maintenance



Secure clamping of the workpiece is vital for almost any job, from jewellery making to car engine rebuilding. WDS Component Parts Ltd. offers the full and expanding range of Spencer Franklin Hydraclamps, perhaps the most versatile and innovative workholding solution available today.

Hydraclamps are a work bench clamp from WDS. What separates them from other clamps is their ability to provide 360°access to the workpiece and to allow quick and easy repositioning in multiple planes. Made in-house at WDS’s headquarters, there are nine different versions and many different sizes, each with a different clamping action and load capacity. The range is complemented by a number of accessories that serve to extend the capabilities of the Hydraclamp even further.

The smallest clamp in the range is the 1200M Mini, which is 125mm high and has a clamping force of up to 6kg. It is ideal for mounting on a workbench and is popular with both professionals and hobbyists. It is used in many diverse fields, from professional jewellery making, orthodontics and electronic assembly to home wood carving, modelling etc. Manually activated by a simple lever action, the clamp includes a ball arm so is highly manoeuvrable and can be used with a variety of different face plates which can be configured for use in a wide range of applications. Accessories that extend its capabilities even further include lock grip pliers and a suction pad base that will hold the Hydraclamp secure on any smooth surface and is an alternative to bolting it down.

By contrast, the largest Hydraclamp is the industrial-sized 1600M, which can securely hold workpieces weighing up to three-quarters of a tonne (750kg). The clamping force is applied by a large angled capstan type screw handle.

It is available in a number of different styles and the accessory range means it can be adapted to meet the needs of many different applications. Intended for use with workpieces too heavy for a person to lift, extra supportive ball bearings are included to ensure safety while still allowing safe and easy repositioning.

A popular accessory for the 1600M is a foot pedal actuator which is used to replace the capstan so that operators have both hands free. Significantly, the pedal includes an intensifier so that high clamping pressures can be achieved.

Between the 1200M and the 1600M Hydraclamps are a wide range of intermediate sizes and a full complement of accessories that allow them to be adapted to an almost infinite range of duties. They all use the ball arm design that lends manoeuvrability to the workpiece.

The larger sizes of Hydraclamp are activated by a screw mechanism rather than the lever action of the smaller ones. The screw mechanism is fitted with an adjustable, lockable safety sleeve, which is used to set the pre-load to match the weight of the workpiece so that it can be safely repositioned between different operations without the risk of suddenly dropping and causing damage or injury.

All Hydraclamps hold their workpieces firmly and securely and are engineered to allow smooth easy movement of the workpiece through a wide range of positions. This means the workpiece can be repositioned at will, thus providing maximum access for hand tools, inspection etc.

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Industrial Hardwares

Practical Training



Flight attendants train on door trainers from TFC with servo technology from the automatization provider Baumüller.

We know them all as calm and friendly service personnel: the flight attendants of national and international airlines. But friendliness alone is not enough in this job where the ladies and gentlemen are responsible for all of their passengers on board. The flight personnel must demonstrate absolute competence, especially in terms of safety.

In regular safety training sessions, the flight attendants practice how to behave in the air, during landings and when on the ground – in every situation. Modern simulators make these trainings possible so that action plans not only can be theoretically learned, but can also be practically trained. The North Rhine-Westphalian company TFC Simulatoren & Technik GmbH manufactures cabin, service and door trainers that cabin crews can use to train under extremely realistic conditions.

Regulate quickly and precisely with servo technology

Baumüller equips these realistic door trainers of the manufacturer with servo drives that simulate different situations. The functionalities of the handle and the movements of lifting the door and pivoting the door can be set exactly with up to three servo drives per door. “Previously we used hydraulic solutions,” says Thomas Reichelt, production manager at TFC, “but the servo-electric solutions can be regulated much more precisely and faster than the hydraulic systems.”

This gives the training personnel the opportunity to simulate a hard-to-move door within fractions of a second. TFC chose the servo drives from the Nuremberg-based manufacturer Baumüller, which consist of the compact DSC servomotors and the flexible converters b maXX 5000, among other reasons due to the extensive safety of the Baumüller products. By using optional safety modules, designers can equip the drives with different safety features.


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Industrial Hardwares

Safety light grids and light curtains LCA from EUCHNER



EUCHNER is expanding its industrial safety engineering product range by non-contact safety guards. The light grids and light curtains from series LCA are used for access control and for securing danger areas. They are available as multi-beam light grids (two to four beams) or as light curtains with various resolutions from 14 to 50 mm. Light grids are ideally suited for access control, while light curtains are used in particular for protecting fingers, hands, arms and body detection.

Depending on the requirements for the location to be secured, EUCHNER offers type-2 and type-4 light grids and light curtains with different protective field heights and ranges.

Simple setup and parametrization can be performed directly on the device without additional programming on a PC. An integrated LED indicator provides a quick overview of the device status. The narrow design and robust housing
suitable for industrial use permit simple installation even in confined spaces. Light grid and light curtains from series LCA meet all requirements in standards applicable to noncontact safety guards. Performance Level PL c / SIL 1 or Performance Level PL e / SIL 3 can be met, depending on the selected type (2 or 4). Various muting functions can be implemented in combination with the freely programmable small safe control system MSC. With the aid of additional sensors, the MSC monitors the proper bypassing procedure by an object and detects whether people instead of the object move through the protective field, for example. Up to three light curtains of type 4 can be connected in series for simple protection of dangerous areas. Master/slave versions with various resolutions and protective field heights are available for this purpose.

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